Rat Society of America site

Welcome to the Rat Society of America site. The Society is a parent organization for rat clubs in North America dedicated to improving the rat fancy, creating uniform guidelines for standards and shows, educating the public on the merits and proper care of pet rats and encouraging responsible breeding. While you, as an individual, cannot become a member of the RSA, you can join a member club and be represented through them, attend their shows (or other RSA sanctioned shows), contribute articles and ideas.

The RSA-affiliated club you join has enormous freedom as to how they run their business. The RSA only requires that standards shows use the Rat Society of America standards, use RSA-approved/trained judges and follow the RSA requirements related to classes (for titles) and quarantine. Your club will organize meetings and get-togethers on their own, they may hold pet-only shows that are not related to the RSA, they may provide some sort of newsletter, etc. Your club will, however, elect delegates to the RSA to represent your group and your ideas, propose new standards or changes to existing ones, propose changes or additions to quarantine procedures or constitution and bylaws, and if they choose to, ask for help with the administration of your club. The RSA will also help you promote your shows, possibly provide web space for your club, and eventually, produce an online newsletter available to each and every RSA-affiliated club member. The RSA is here to help. We are a group of responsible rat breeders and owners dedicated to improving the rat fancy.