Standards – General Appearance

General appearance
Rats should have a real overall picture. Rat is good in size and not good. It should be an arch above Lendenmischvunsch in the breath. They must be clean and tidy and cut out nails. Weight, slim, firm and slightly rounded, not too thick or too thin. There is a sign of illness, recent injuries or parasites. Males should have two completely desirable testicles of the same size and shape.

Well-balanced head length with short profile. The muzzle should not be narrow or pointed, but strong, wide and dull.

Round, bold, recognizable, tall and clean, separated to give the width of the head. An ideal position halfway between the tip of the nose and the back of the ears.

Standard: Medium, oval and upright. They should be well-arranged. Error: Wrinkles or wrinkles, set too low.

Dumbo: Large, round, sideways on the head. On the side, the ideal position should be as low as possible. It should have enough thickness. Error: Ears on edges, wrinkles or wrinkles, too small, placed too high, oblong / tubular.

Standard: Cylindrical with good length, at least body length (nose to tail), with good position at the end of the spine. Leaves in the foot and narrows to a fine point. It should be at work, not skinny or coupons. Error: not cylindrical, short or thin. Disqualification: twisted or anchored.

Brushless: AOV without tail. They have a Cobbier body and a rounded hull. Disqualification: any indication of physical abnormalities. Every proof of the tail. Cocked cock.

Standard color: It should be smooth, dense and shiny. Ears, feet and tail should be covered with fine hair. Bucks have long protective hair and a coarse coat. Error: wavy coat, thin layer, bald spot.

Rek Coat: Cover even waves or curls. Eyebrows and mustaches show a clear introduction. Errors, waves, lack of waves / ghosts, flat mustaches, bald spots.

Satin: Satin rats can be presented in any color or tag. The ideal coat has a unique look with brilliant shine. The hair is thinner and looks longer. Hair should be good. Satin coat looks bright in some colors; White has a yellow glow.

No hair: No hair to show in AOV. Be without hair, with some facial hair. The smallest amount of hair is preferred. Disqualification: hair on the body.

Normal set of two upper and lower incisors, without distortion or defect. Rats should be able to close their mouths.