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Our breeding is a tiny amateur breeding, registered.


The animal rat has been given a great joke, but nature has possessed him, so the most important goal of our breeding is to strengthen our health and strengthen our life to three years and more. Secundo means a lot to us so that rats give great joy to their caregivers, so we take care of their birth and make comrades happy and cheerful to them, which is called modern “socialization”. Always reasonably and in accordance with the goals above, we plan to plan rat amoros. At the same time, we treat rats with light ointments, siamese groups, which means “siamese group” from English speech. Then rats like fresh white snow, with eyes dwarf and black, and offer to Siamese brothers.

We provide young rats with excellent conditions, thanks to which they are agrandar el pené happy and full of energy.

All rats are fed with the best quality food, thanks to which they grow well and grow healthy.

We select breeding pairs very carefully, so that young rats inherit the best health, build, beautiful penis enlargement supplements color and great character.

Rats are accustomed to contact people and other pets.

http://agrandar-pene.net/All offered little ones are healthy. We never sell sick rats. Click